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Corporate Overview

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate(LAPA) is an international company and the company has launched innovative drugs and treatment concepts based on research results of combined modem biotechnology and ancient medicine for the last decade.

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate consists of a USA-Holding with medical activities and the company's laboratory facilities for R&D and manufacturing of drugs under sterile conditions is located in Munich, Germany. Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate LLC has been established in the USA and the company's laboratory, Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate, GmbH, has taken over the assets of the former CliPhar Medica GmbH & Co. KG including a suitable pilot facility to produce GMP (Good Mfg. Practice) complying sterile test samples for clinical studies - according to the statement of the authority. The acquired premises as well as the key people are ready to master the interests of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate - microbiology, virology, biochemistry and bio-analysis. The company is focused to comprise effectively pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical treatment both via own development and as a service for a niche market with great demand, running a corresponding facility and an affiliated "Institute of Natural Health Care".

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate has been concentrating on the scientific combination of modern biotechnology and molecular biology based on pleomorphic applications including Immune Modulators, isopathic milieu therapies, and ancient natural medicines. The activities comprise indications with high medical needs like infections, heavy pain, the immune related diseases like cancer, and other immune related deficiencies such as herpes, diabetes, chronic fatigues syndrome, hepatitis C, AIDS, non-healing wounds, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and so forth. As a result of the company's ongoing endeavors, LAPA is currently manufacturing pharmaceutical products in numerous applications which are Non-Toxic, Non-Violent, and Obvious Safe.

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate intends to reach a leading position in developing new drugs and vaccines on microbiological, viral, or biochemical basis, as well as products deriving from the theory of the Endobiont and the Ayurvedic medicine. Finally, the combination of modern biotechnology, the Endobiont and ancient natural medicine shall lead to innovative drug design and successful biological-medical therapies.

Dr. Pearl Laperla, the founder and CEO of the company and the GmbH affiliate in Munich, Germany, has studied and researched these theories for many years. She has achieved success in treatments. Essential components of the treatment are to balance the body's milieu and detoxify blood and the efficiency of milieu therapy is particularly crowned by an additional application of immuno-active products, like those are available in Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate, GmbH. Under these circumstances, Dr. Laperla could not only reach alleviation of side effects, but even observe total curing of cancer disease like malignant melanoma, non-Hodgkin disease, prostate, marna, stomach cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc. She has experiences these results over more than ten years. In context of these therapies, Dr. Laperla has developed a unique dedicated diagnostic microscopic method to analyze human's blood, using the generally known darkfield microscopy. Her procedure and the know-how is hereby not only focused on the traditional components of the blood, but also specifically on Enderlein's Endobiont. It became one of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate's most important research and application fields to combine the modem biotechnology and molecular biology with the theories of Bechamp and Enderlein to develop new products and treatment systems to alleviate and cure diseases with high medical need, preferably in a natural biological way.

Further growth of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate is planned by the extension of the existing pilot plant of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate, GmbH in Germany. By this, the flexibility will be increased to incorporate additional biological product line either as own products or service offers to third parties. Starting with preparing the small quantities of sterile test samples in a pilot plant, under GMP conditions, Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate shall extend its existing capacity in an effective, fast and safe way, to develop their own drugs and offer services for the third parties. These lines are related to viral, bacterial, biochemical and natural products. This will influence the capacity positively as every change of products requires a lot of time for cleaning and re-qualification. A special factor of growth should be the extension of the "Institute of Health Care" to get finally the approval for a private clinic to treat patients with high beneficial biological technologies. The company is actively providing Immune Modulator treatment services through the affiliated medical clinics in Munich, Germany to treat the patients from all over the world.

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate's biotechnology through various biological-medical applications will provide the advanced solutions to treat many diseases by improving our innate immune system and we believe that our treatment will also become essential keys to provide human well-being as well as prolong our longevity.







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