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According to the main interest of the founder, the active persons as well as the investors of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate, the internationally active company shall have its focus on products and methodologies which should primarily influence the immune system and herein the innate immune system. This innate immune system got high attention of the scientific community during the past few years. The importance of the innate immune system has been accepted both by "classical" and "natural" physicians. Each treatment of cancer by radiation or chemotherapy needs special attention to the innate immune system and has to be measured currently by classical standard clinical laboratory parameters like leukocytes, lymphocytes, or erythrocytes.

Many natural products will be used as adjuvant to alleviate the dramatic side effects of classical tumor treatments for example. Almost nothing significant can currently be proposed. Similar is the situation in the treatment of heavy infections. Only specific vaccinations against infections like poxes, plague, or diphtheria are known. However, the recent drama in the treatment of SARS infections has shown the helplessness against new infectious germs. Nearly every year, a special vaccination has to be developed against another type of "Asia" influenza virus ? never with full protection. The innate immune system, on the other side, is the first protection against any enemy attacking the body. Even cancer cells arising in the body at any time will be captured and destroyed by components of a well balanced innate immune system.

Therefore, Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate is concentrating on the development of one individual pox virus drug for use in man. This selection has been done to get the advantage that permanent cells can be used for growth. The manufacturing of these mono drugs is in addition advantageous with regard to having better chances in registration than the combined ones.
Other products of viral origin are planned to be established within the company, the so-called viral vector vaccines. This product line enjoys high attention related to the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis C. Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate has close contacts to a clinical scientific group developing different innovative vaccines. The production of these vaccines is based on recombinant proteins and MVA as a viral vector. These vaccines can only be tested in man, if they have been manufactured under sterile BMP conditions. Both academic research teams and pharmaceutical companies shall take advantage from such use of the service offer of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate.

There is an unquestionable relation between the immune system and the pain system more precisely the endorphin system of an organism. Both systems may influence each other; details of the mechanism are unknown and worth to be studied further. Very well recommended scientific groups working on pain projects are at the Institutes of Organic Chemistry and Medicine at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate is keeping close contact to these groups and is able to perform highly qualified studies on these projects. One of the shareholders of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate LLC keeps a worldwide valid patent on substances from this product line. Among others, cyclic encephalins modified by a lanthionine bridge are highlights of these claimed products. One drug candidate shows a significantly higher activity than morphine and is obviously specific on the relevant opioid receptor. The patent rights shall be transferred to the LLC company.

An important and new aspect to treat severe diseases is to bring the human body system in an optimum balance. This kind of treatment is called isopathic milieu therapy. In this context the most important body organ is the blood. Essential cells and functions of this body organ mainly regulate - among others - the immune system. Many biological factors of the blood have been identified and proven to be used as (bugs for heavy diseases. Examples for such protein factors are: insulin, interferon, interleukin or erythropoietin. Some of them are collectively called cytokines as messenger components of the immune system- Finally blood can be treated easily from outside: It can be analyzed (diagnosis) or influenced (therapy).

In context of these therapies, Dr. Laperla was able to develop a dedicated diagnostic microscopic method to analyze human's and animal's blood, using the generally known dark field microscopy. Her procedure and know-how is hereby not only focused on the traditional components of the blood, but also specifically on Enderlein's Endobiont. It will become one of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate's most important research and application fields to combine the modem biotechnology and molecular biology with the theories of Bechamp and Enderlein to develop new products and treatment systems ot alleviate and cure diseases with high medical need, preferably in a natural biological way. Due to the fact that the results of Dr. Laperla are at the moment only based on individual cases, it is a top issue of Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate to generate methods and materials for statistically valid, clinical studies and to research fundamentals to prove the theories of Bechamp and Enderlein.

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate has been integrating holistic biological medicine in Dr. Laperla's unique concept. Essential knowledge on modem molecular biology and ancient medicine shall be combined and result in innovations for medical products and treatments. It is this triangle - modern molecular biology, milieu balancing and ancient medicine ? which should generate a unique company to achieve a Life of health and well-being of humans.





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