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LAPA BASIC Treatment Package Details

(For all patients)

The basic treatment package includes:


Professional Physician's Diagnosis
2) Total 10 Immune Modulator Treatments
3) Assistant services: airport pick-up/ride, transportation, and general assistances for errands, scheduling, accompanying patient to appointments, & concierge service during the treatment period.

Other Treatment Expenses
Additional Immune Modulator Treatment; only if necessarily required by the doctor's recommendation. The number of additional treatments will be decided by the numbers and kind of applications depend on the diagnosed symptom and its stadium after LAPA Standard Package treatment.

Extensive blood diagnosis at the beginning, during and at the end of the treatment. (i.e. CT pictures, Pet scan, Hyperthermia (normally 15 times in row), Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO), Special medicines, etc.)

Restaurant - Special Meal Choice(Vegan) from the menu card during the treatment period.

Accomodation - 15 Days during the treatment period. The patient must select Hotel or Hospital to be treated before the treatment program starts.

1) Hotel: Single room, Double room, or Suite (two bedrooms)
2) Hospital (KfN; for natural health care): Room with single bed or Room with up to 3 beds
- hotel prices are valid only for stay and general services of the hospital team; special treatments and medications will be charged additionally by the responsible hospital's physicians. The charge amount is depended upon the time of stay and the kind of specially advised and agreed applications.

* All the treatment packages are ONLY available in Munich, Germany.
* The prices for hotel/restaurant may change during special seasons and due to general alterations.
* The patient must select the preferred accommodation prior to the departure, (i.e. Hotel or Hospital)
* Any local treatment costs and taxes in Munich, Germany, are subject to the patient's account if any.
* Traveling costs such as airfare, train, etc. are not included.



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