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Given the rapidly increasing toxic load on the human body and the subsequent contamination of the food supply, the weakening of our body's immune system has become evident with the common occurrence of cancers and other immune deficiency diseases.

As advanced antibiotic resistant bacterial mutations cross over to humans, as well as the threat of other potential epidemic circumstances, both natural and manufactured, the need for progressive therapies and overall evolution in biotechnologies has become vital. Through a few decades of researches and studies, our immune modulators have been tested for a regulatory effect on humans and animals as a Para specific immune stimulant. Its function and responses within test subjects are both unique and progressive, offering serious potential to address the aforementioned threats and responsibilities as a provider in the health care industry.

Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate offers Preventive Healthcare Treatment packages with Immune Modulators (I & II) and preventive treatments will provide you all the advantages by stimulating innate immune system - in general, humans with a wide variety of immune complications always exhibited clinically noticeable enhancement of their health status-including relief from:

- Depression
- Cancer
- Herpes Simplex
- Herpes Loster
- Herpes of the genitals
- Infectious Mononucleosis
- Metastasis prevention

* The successful aim has always been to "relieve dysfunctions, to rapidly raise the defense level of the individual, [through paramunization], to eliminate any immunosuppression or immunological weakness that have arisen through the effects of [immune] stress or otherwise (i.e. through medication).

Benefits of our Preventive Care Treatments by Immune Modulators are as follows:

- Reducing Herpes Virus
- Effective against papillomatsis
- Effective against Chronic Dermal Disease
- URL and Tumors
Lotus Apothecary Project Alleviate's Prevention Packages are offered as follows:

1) EXECUTIVE Prevention Package: One (1) Package Treatment per year
2) GOLD Prevention Package: Two (2) Package Treatments per year
3) ROYAL Prevention Package: Four (4) Package Treatments per year



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