Held sacred in Hindu, Buddhist, and Egyptian religions, the Lotus symbolizes our blossom from muddy waters. Healing, since ancient times, has been the art of Apothecary. The wise practitioner of medicine was known for knowledge of earth and spirit, delivering potions and elixirs to the sick and distressed throughout history. The Lotus Apothecary preserves ancient concepts of healing, containing 5,000 years of medicinal magic. We are here to bring an ailing humanity from the muddy waters of toxic buildup on a burdened immune system, to the enlightened, blossomed state of a pure, healthy, and balanced body, mind, and spirit.


Blood Purification

Lotus Apothecary offers an enlightened
understanding of the disease process.


  The fundamental basis for today's allopathic medicine is Louis Pasteur's idea that the blood is sterile. This initial misconception has shaped modern medicine, and its shortcomings are becoming clear. A philosophical break occurred at the time of Pasteur, one that drives our natural, alternative methods.

  Dr. Laperla's Blood Purification System is based on the idea that the blood is not sterile. We carry on the traditions of Frenchman Antoine Bechamp and German Gunther Enderlein; they found that the blood is alive with numerous microbial forms in various stages of development. The goal of the Blood Purification System is to detoxify the blood of these harmful microbes and their waste products. We are here to help you ease the strain of internal and external toxins on the body, relax the nervous system, and restore balance in the body. Once the stress is relieved, our life and surroundings will be improved on every level, naturally and effectively.

We offer natural remedies from Germany that aid in the reduction of Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal phases of microbial development. These forms, in their most developed stages, contribute to degenerative diseases, fatigue, general immune distress, and eventually aging and decay of the body after death. With a combination of a pure, plant-based diet, clean environmental surroundings, and our unique natural supplements; the toxic load in the blood can be reduced to a minimal, symbiotic state that induces health and healing.