Often, diet is the most difficult part of the Blood Purification System. Yet finding the right natural foods for your taste buds, and by making small changes, every day, one can easily make these seemingly difficult lifestyle changes.

The environment is not as pure and healthy as it used to be. Pollution and economic demand has affected the food supply in many ways.  The food supply is tainted. Research links the ingestion of animal products to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and many other chronic illnesses. Consider mercury in fish and other common food and environmental contaminates and the reasons for a vegetarian diet becomes quite clear. The impurities in our diet can be seen in our blood, creating an acidic environment and aiding the growth of toxic microbes.


Dairy: “Liquid Meat”

Intended for the growth of a 1000 lb. cow, the protein in dairy is too complex for the human body to break down without long-term degenerative effects and possible weight gain. Milk consumption has also been attributed to causing the very disease US marketing claims it prevents, osteoporosis. This comes from the body’s incapability to break down the proteins and amino acids.

Consumption of animals and dairy products loaded with acidic amino acids and excess protein create an acidic environment in the blood. In an attempt to balance the ph and break down complex animal proteins, calcium is stripped from the bones.  Overtime this leaves the skeletal system porous, leading to osteoporosis and the uptake of radiation and metals. Dairy protein has no protective effects on the bones. Decreased animal intake and calcium from plant sources will actually reduce the risk of osteoporosis.   

Now consider the habits of factory farming.  In order to reduce costs and maximize profit, breeding and feeding methods are put into place that compromises not only the animal’s health, put also the health of humans and the environment.  Hormones are injected to boost milk production, and then antibiotics to combat the increase of infection from machine milking.  Recently, more and more antibiotic resistant strains of disease are found in animals as a result of these practices. All this ends up on your plate, on top of all the natural impurities.



Aside from unethical treatment, the storing of environmental toxins in their tissues, and carrying worms and disease- the very nature of the decaying process after slaughter results in meat covered with mold.  With very little inquiry, it is very easy to see the devastating effects of animal consumption on the human body and the environment. In 1999 over half of the total deaths in the country could be directly attributed to diseases from animal products. According to the EPA, over 30% of both rivers and lakes are contaminated, mostly from the enormous amounts of waste produced by factory farming: tons of animal manure contaminates our water resources every day.

Meat has the same effects as dairy on the body: increasing toxic load in the blood, acidifying the ph, and aiding the growth of harmful microbes.  It’s no secret, research links the ingestion of dairy and animal to high cholesterol and heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and even stroke.

Animal diseases crossing over to, and killing humans has become a new, yet very serious problem all over the world.  Bird flu in the US, Canada, and Asia, and several countries will still not accept US beef because of Mad cow-months after the declaration that “the meat is safe.”


What do I eat then?

All natural, organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, juices, soy and rice products, beans, nuts, natural sugars and other whole foods in your soups, salads, shakes, sandwiches, burritos, pastas, lasagna, deserts, drinks, appetizers, and anything else you can think of. Enjoy organic, truly gourmet cuisine in any cultural style in your own kitchen. 

It’s much easier to make these changes today than it was just a few years ago. For any thing you currently eat, there’s a natural supplement that’s healthier, environmentally friendlier, and probably better tasting.

This diet aids in the cleansing of both body and mind. You no longer support industries that are harmful to your health and environment with your purchases at the grocery store.