Our goal is to help you ease the strain of internal and external toxins and disease on the body, relaxing the nervous system, and restoring balance in the body. Once the stress is relieved, our life and surroundings will be improved on every level, naturally and effectively.  In this way our holistic products and medicines aid your efforts to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

We encourage vegetarianism for the complete effectiveness of the program.  A healthy diet of organic fruits, vegetables, and grains are an essential, if not the key factor to a healthy lifestyle. We have found that the pure diet aids in restoring balance and purity in the body by not ingesting the toxins in the first place. Drinking pure, alkaline water helps restore the ph level in the body-the ph in the blood is directly linked to the stimulation of harmful microbes.

Lifestyle changes, including diet, exercise, and meditation work with Pleomorphic biological remedies to achieve health and balance. This is the fundamental idea of our program, and one can imagine the consequences. Daily, one makes decisions on who they are and how they live; with the proper effort and tools, it is easy to make the simple changes necessary to facilitate rejuvenation and health. The Lotus Apothecary exists to aid the individual in these choices.

Common sense naturally directs us to this diet.  All credible researchers and dieticians endorse low, or lean protein diets with fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs. It isnít a secret fountain. The info has been here forever.